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(5) Services

I call my astrological consulting service Stars Are Us.

I have a motto for the service:
Chart your course in life
and pass with flying colors;
your success is my business,
Stars Are Us.

I call my astrological teaching service Astrological Key.

I strive to provide the depth, scope, and speed of consulting and of teaching found only with an experienced, intuitive, and devoted astrologer with mastery of
(1) a comprehensive set of techniques, from basic to advanced, from ancient to new, and from mainstream to esoteric; and
(2) software that can highlight significant factors and alignments among all relevant combinations of actual and virtual timelines.

I also provide teaching of the principles of Body Electronics and consulting on application of those principles. I call this teaching and consulting service Love of Life.

Body Electronics is a unique and groundbreaking system of self-healing combining
(1) understanding and application of basic laws governing physical, emotional, mental, and causal dynamics,
(2) nutrient saturation obtained through excellent diet and natural supplementation, and
(3) a revolutionary but simple method of sustained acupressure known as pointholding.

During extended pointholding sessions, sudden and dramatic physical changes accompany willing acceptance of, and release of resistance to, prior experiences as they emerge to consciousness. These changes have been described by many people as nothing short of miraculous, as they illustrate the potential of each feature of the human being to regenerate and transform. The transformative capability of this system far transcends the common mode of balancing produced by most current alternative healing systems, and as far as I understand, even transcends the capabilty of the transformative mode of any other system of which I am aware, even the system of Stanislav Grof.

The inventor of Body Electronics, the late Dr. John Whitman Ray, said, to the assembly at a seminar he gave in 1982, that I knew, based on information represented by a diagram I composed (its most recent graphic representation appears in both of the pictures on this page), “more than anyone else about what we are doing.” I call this diagram dharma-murti. The term is in the language Sanskrit, and may be translated as essence form, essence pattern, or essential organization. I conceive of dharma-murti as our entire being’s essential organization, revealing the color codings for, and interactive overlaps among, the core features (dormant or awake) of each living being. [More text appears below the following picture.]

I also offer the service of sharing my perspectives on implications of this diagram, which applies not only to Body Electronics, but to healing in general, astrology, psychology, yoga, theology, theosophy, and many other subjects. I call this service Dharma-Murti.

The inner as well as outer journey of Body Electronics serves as an adjunct to the inner and outer journey of yogic astrology, the astrology of growing into consciousness of increasingly spiritualized states of being and becoming. As one thus grows, one becomes not only more conscious, but also freer and more loving. Body Electronics empowers astrology to be simultaneously more down-to-Earth, more transformative, and more transcendental.

In short, my work combining eclectic esoteric yogic astrology and Body Electronics is in pursuit of true yogic perfection of our human family.

I call the entire gamut of my service Primary Progression.

I consult and teach by prior agreement, for $1.50 per minute (for example, $90 per hour) or on sliding scale, with no time charged for preconsultation. Much depends on your background, expectations, and needs.

To contact me, call me at 615-332-7827 (615-332-star) or use the contact form accessible from the menu bar above.

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