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(4) Client Testimonial

[Note from Ben: This testimonial from a client is about one of my astrology consultations with him. Technical note from Ben: For this consultation, I primarily used a technique I developed by applying a classic timing, that of primary directions, to the usual modern method of progressions and to a classic house system, known as the Sripati system, that starts the houses before the cusps. I call the technique primary progressions. The chart above is the client’s birthchart.]

“The following is an edited version of journalings from June of 1996. I had provided Ben with (as exact as possible) the time of my birth and from that information he had worked up my chart and prepared his comments. Below is recounted, from journal notes, what transpired in our session at that time:

“I continue to be amazed by astrology, and just how accurately the stars seem to map out the direction of one’s spiritual journey through life. In my most recent session with Ben, he explained that my feelings of impending change and life transition were quite rational in light of the primary progression of the Sun through my 12th house, a process which began in 1963 and will conclude in 1997, a year from now.

“As the Sun progresses through the 12th house, Ben continued, feelings of introspectiveness and consciousness of difference from others are emphasized. One feels ‘not at home’ in the world. As Ben said these things, I thought back to 1963, when I was 6 years old. I started school that year, and almost immediately my illusions of myself as a normal, average child were shattered. I was cited by other children for my weight, chided and ridiculed as a ‘fatso.’ I truly felt like an alien.

“About a year later, Ben said, it would make sense if one-on-one relationships began to be an important factor as Venus also entered the 12th house at that time. Right on schedule, it turns out. In 2nd grade, I bonded with my first two close friends in elementary school, and had a ‘girl-buddy’ with whom I rode on the school bus, for whom I made necklaces of clover, and whom I kissed on the cheek on a dare from one of the other kids on the bus.

“This 12th house business peaked in ’79, according to Ben’s readings of my chart. Relational love, and ‘the spiritualization of love’ would be emphasized at that time, Ben informed me. So what was going on in 1979? Well, I had just married the year before, was in the middle of various attempts to pursue full-time spiritual work, both as a musician and as a preacher. I did a lot of pulpit supply work in various churches, worked in a Christian coffee house ministry, and eventually settled into my career as a gospel songwriter. Once again, it seems I was in synch with the stars.

“‘This is about the ending of a chapter,’ Ben said. ‘This chapter began in 1963, and it is closing.’ I’m entering the 11th house. One could say that I’m at the threshold of my very own ‘age of Aquarius.’ Ben says that when the primary progressions enter the 11th house, the emphasis becomes focused on ‘the gathering and holding of insights based on experience.’ But because of things going on in other parts of my chart, for me there will also be an emphasis on the sharing of these insights as well. As I prepare for ordination, none of this surprises me, of course.

“At that point in our discussion, Ben pointed out to me that Saturn peaked in my 7th house in 1985, and I probably should notice at that time a watershed in my ability to be of service in bestowing practical insights. Again, the stars were right on time. It was around ’85 that I began doing songwriting seminars, sharing my knowledge with aspiring young writers.

“In about a year, Ben concluded, I shouldn’t be surprised if I see much more clearly what this new spiritual calling is [that indeed was the case a year later, as I began leaning more towards pastoring]. By 1999, with Venus leaving my 12th house, the emphasis on relationships will be more-or-less a closed chapter as well, and less of a key issue [that too, has proven to be the case]. Ben also said that in the past I’ve probably had a lot of ability to get the attention I need (awards, reciprocation, support, etc.). A year from now, he surmised, I should expect to need that less than I have before [and yet again, that turned out to be accurate].”

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